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Health Improvement

Health Improvement

Improving health and reducing health inequalities are key priorities for all staff in Renfrewshire CHP.  There is a small team of specialist health improvement staff who lead and co-ordinate this work.  The team also contributes to Community Planning, working alongside partners from the Local Authority, the Police, the Fire Service and Local Communities.

Key priorities are:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity; and
  • Alcohol.

The health improvement challenges for Renfrewshire are significant. 

  • Male life expectancy 73.0* (best in UK 85.1);
  • Female life expectancy 78.4* (best in UK 87.8);
  • Some of the most 'deprived' areas in Scotland in Renfrewshire (SIMD);
  • Some areas where smoking and smoking in pregnancy is above the Scottish average; and
  • Only 18.2% of mothers still breastfeeding exclusively at 6-8 weeks (2013/14 target: 21.4%).

* Health and Wellbeing Profiles 2010, ScotPHO/ ISD Scotland

Planning and Performance

By focusing on these priorities, we will impact on the wide range of health improvement targets and indicators which face us. The Planning and Health Improvement Team also lead and co-ordinate the Planning and Performance Management effort for the CHP. We have drawn together the priorities and plans from across the CHP to form the CHP Development Plan.  This document will drive resource allocation and work plans for the next year.  The CHP Development Plan is underpinned by a robust financial plan and a performance management framework.

Public Involvement

Renfrewshire CHP is committed to involving and engaging the communities we service, doing this formally through the Public Partnership Forum (PPF). The PPF is open to any person or organisation who wants to influence health care, and two seats at the CHP Committee are reserved for representatives of the PPF.

If you are interested in being part of the PPF, please contact Nan Middleton on 0141 618 7654.

Fiona MacKay
Head of Planning & Health Improvement